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Do you ever wish to know what your ancestors actually looked like? Well, it’s a bit of a mystery that everyone wants to uncover. And guess what, it’s now actually possible to know all about your ancestors. And all this is possible because of modern technology and medical sciences. With the Ancestry DNA Test kit, one can get to know more about their ethnic roots and even can discover their relations with their past and contemporary relatives. If you also wish to know where your family is from, all you will need to do is get an Ancestry DNA test kit at ancestrydna.com/activate. Ancestry DNA is a service that helps you to reveal the origins of your genes and assure sound health to your family.So, go and get your Ancestry DNA Test kit now by visiting the website via www.ancestrydna.com/activate.
More About Ancestry DNA Test Kit and How to Get One

Ancestry DNA service examines your DNA by collecting information and the data they collect is integrated with your family tree. The service delivers you a test kit that you will have to return with your saliva sample. Anyone can easily use this DNA test kit. If you want to get one for yourself, you need to click on www.ancestry.com/dna/activate. Through this DNA test kit, anyone can easily know more about their ancestors, and that too without leaving their homes. And after providing your sample along with the kit, you will receive the result on your online profile. You can get the Ancestry DNA test kit at a much affordable price by going through the website at ancestrydna.com/activate.

Also, to use the Ancestry DNA test kit, you will need to create a user account. And if you already own one, then activate it by signing in to your account at www.ancestrydna.com/activate. For activation of the test kit, you will need to access the activation code that you will get after creating your Ancestry DNA account.

Procedure to Create an Ancestry DNA User Account

To sign up for an Ancestry DNA user account, you will need to follow the below-mentioned steps: ❖ To get started, firstly, launch a web browser on your device and navigate to the Ancestry website through ancestrydna.com/activate. ❖ And after you reach the website, you will have to click on the “Create a Free Account” link. ❖ On the Account creation page, you will need to provide your first name, last name, email address, and password. ❖ Re-enter the password in the appropriate space and then click the “Continue” button to finish the procedure.

Instructions for Activating Ancestry DNA Test Kit

To activate your Ancestry DNA test kit, all you will need to do is to follow the below-mentioned steps: ❖ To get started with the activation procedure, firstly, go to any web browser on your computer system and visit the Ancestry DNA activation webpage through ancestry.com/dna/activate. ❖ And after getting to the main webpage, you will be able to see two options appearing on your screen including, “Sign In” and “Sign Up.” Sign in if you already have an account. And to create one, click on “Sign Up.”

Method to Use the Ancestry DNA Kit

In order to use the Ancestry DNA kit, you need to have an account. We have explained the procedure to create your AncestryDNA User account. You can activate the account for yourself or your family members. We have mentioned the method to use the kit. Follow the instructions: Collect DNA Sample You need to collect your saliva in the tube provided with the kit. The saliva collected should be kept in the tube safe.Remove the Funnel Cap When you have filled in the tube with your saliva, remove the funnel cap. Screw the cap so that your saliva remains inside the tube and gets mixed with your saliva.

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